timscribbles G2 Hong Kong: Part Two

As I said in one of my previous posts, Hong Kong was the opposite of Japan, in terms of seeing modified cars on daily roads. I saw them everywhere. I mean they were modified with style and all the hoo ha, but everything was still practical. There weren’t any sights of stupid camber or retarded angling slammed cars. Everything was still done with practicality. Obviously, they can afford to be lower than cars in the States because majority of the roads there were flawlessly paved and if; there weren’t, workers were already working on them.




Even I find this CRV to be a bit tacky, but technically it was a popular trend in the 90s kind of like the States.


Hong Kong is pretty big on Evos, mostly older ones.


Another wealthy apartment building view


Took a ride on the new-ish Ngong Ping 360. <


This was like one of those Jurassic Park scenes where the dinosaurs fly by and snatch people from the lifts.


Pretty impressive sight even though this was still a while away.


“Street style” Shu Mai at the Ngong Ping Village. Not that good, rather mushy. I’d tell you to just go the streets of HK instead, as its cheaper and better.


Eggettes (little eggs). These were done rather well, then again I’d be disappointed if they were bad in HK. I had one of these pretty much everyday if not multiple times a day while I was there. That’s the great thing about Hong Kong, I got a batch of eggettes, a stick of shu mai, and a waffle for $1 USD each.



I started up these steps thinking. “I hate stairs, let’s just power through all of them and chill at the top.” It wasn’t hard until I had to stop to get around people who were walking really slow, after a few stop and go’s I eventually couldn’t “go” anymore. Legs started to give out and the top. Once I actually reached the top, it was like a heart attack. I kept thinking “man I’m so out of shape.”


Once I got back down, I looked at how many steps there actually were. While I was going up, it was pretty hard estimated how many steps were left. I kept thinking “oh its probably three more flights of steps or something.”


Having some lunch at food court. Unlike our food courts, the food doesn’t suck…as much. Okay, well that isn’t really fair. The food wasn’t bad, just not as good in comparison to food I was eating elsewhere.



What really took the ball was dinner at “Ye Shanghai” at the Marco Polo. Rather upscale restaurant, to me anyways. Not that I haven’t been to nice places. They had sleeves to cover your coat hanging from your chairs and little chairs for purses so they don’t touch the ground. Plus we had like 6 plate changes. It was interesting experience I guess. The food was ok, not amazing, but the environment was what you were paying for. One thing that was exceptional was the Shark fin soup (I had this everyday too). It was the expensive kind. There are different kinds such as the one everyone eats with all the stuff in it and the one above where its clear with only the shark fin. The difference is the shark fin, the cheaper one is the outer edges of the fin while the expensive stuff is the center portion.


The view from the Marco Polo parking lot; in which I saw a GTR, couple dozen BMWs and Mercedes.

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