timscribbles G2 Hong Kong: Part One

My favorite city in the world. Hong Kong. Its one of those places you feel you belong and where people speak your language. I usually try to make a trip back every year, but for the past couple years, I haven’t had a chance to. Comparing Japan and Hong Kong, I have to admit Hong Kong is still better. Most likely due to being able to freely communicate with everyone, I’m more use to the system in Hong Kong, and I actually know people there.


Having some breakfast before heading over to the Tokyo Airport.



Couldn’t decide which one was funnier, the first or the second.


Riding in a Harrier to the apartment


This is where I didn’t go.

Rally Swift. I have to admit, I kind of want one.


I had a “surprise” party when I got to the apartment. Apparently, it was my birthday…on the lunar calender. XD


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