Commission Shoot with Wannabeser and Panda

Got a crap load of PMs about commission work. Tonight was pretty fun. I always hear people tell me how their car isn’t good enough to be photograph, but I always tell them it doesn’t matter what your car is or what it looks like. I will MAKE it look good. And tonight I have proved it with Wannabeser’s G20.





You know, I absolutely HATE these wheel/headlight shots. I think they are completely stupid and pointless, but everyone loves them. Its just a new way to be a wheel whore. Idk. W/e.


This is my shot of the night. Click it. It get larger. This pretty much just MADE the shoot tonight.

So then Wannabeser and I just hung around until Panda finally got his slow Evo out. Its slow because we were there for 2 hours until he showed up. XP







That’s it for tonight. I have another shoot going down this week and Nisei is this Saturday apparently. XP

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