Mike Burroughs arrives in San Diego

Big treat for tonight. I met Mike Burroughs. The legend himself. His skills are unbelieveable. Even after a incredibly tiring drive, he still managed to impress without disappointment. Not only was he a cool guy, but his car was just simply put: bad ass. I mean like the more damage it got the sicker it looked. I’m so glad I made out to meet and greet him.


This thing came in with its hood attached to it home made roof rack. I’m assuming because of the AZ heat and he didn’t want to over heat.


It came towing all the stuff and equipment on a trailer. The trailer even had BBS. Its was wayy cool.


Cracked windshield which apparently was caused by his friend who ran it into a semi. Regardless, it just made is looked even more bad ass than it already was.

IMG_5016Those wheels probably cost more than the car.


According to Mike, the car was rusted to seven months. Man does it look good.


The exhaust came of the bottom of the right side rear passenger door. Crazy.


One of the cars that came out to the shoot. Click it, it gets bigger.





David being a punk and wanted me to take his picture. XP





2 responses to “Mike Burroughs arrives in San Diego”

  1. Casey W. Avatar
    Casey W.

    Nice work Timmay.

  2. Bee dubbb Avatar
    Bee dubbb

    Looks great Tim! Great shots

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