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So I’m official back from vacation. Lots of pictures, but first my pilgrimage to the legendary town of Smallville, Kansas, USA…er technically Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada. It was quite enjoyable, but sad thing is I couldn’t find the bloody “Home of Smallville” sign, but w/e. I got exclusive content no one else has. Like walking around the Kent Farm while everyone else just circles it like freaking stalkers. I would have gone to the Luthor Mansion too, but it was in Victoria and no really nearby so maybe next time. I was going to get shots of hte Daily Planet and the Luthor Corp building, but I couldn’t find it so oh well. I’m going to try to post the Smallville version so you guys can compare.

So here below is the Cloverdale, BC where they filmed the “town”

IMG_3115Here we have the “town” of Smallville right outside the “Talon”

IMG_3119Here we have the Talon or the Clova which is actually a theatre where people actually go to watch movies.

IMG_313426127350.familyIMGP0403Here is Smallville Medical and the actual filming of the show in comparision. This is actually Langley Medical in Langley, BC obviously.

IMG_3156Now for the Kent Farm itself *OMG*XP The Kent Farm is actually in Aldergrove, BC. I actually got to meet the owners of the farm who were very nice to let me walk around and take shots.


Yes they actually have living animals on the farm, not just props they bring it.

IMG_3157I’m pretty sure that’s the truck he drives in the most recent season, even though they’ve switched trucks about three times ( the old red one which crashed, the blue one, and that red one).


Ooo ah. I know.

IMG_3172This is pretty obvious. Clark with his telescope out of the top window and the basketball hoop down below. Btw, if you thinking “the window is a lot bigger in the show”, its because the inside of the barn is a set. I know because I looked inside the barn and it was impossible to have the set they had in the show in the little barn full of stalls.

IMG_3179Ah, the Kent house. The typical scene where you see Marth Kent yelling “Clark!” or something.

IMG_3185The ACTUAL front entrance to the Kent Estate.


OMG right? How cool is that?


This school was used for the interior of Smallville High, but unfortunely it was closed so I couldn’t get any shots of the Red and Yellow lockers.

IMG_3201That’s the school they used for the exterior of Smallville High.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed some Smallville. I might add more Smallville stuff later on. Who knows. I’m pretty tired today after driving all day and flying home and doing all this crap. So check back again. I got couple dozen loads of pictures to go through.





5 responses to “timscribbles G2 Smallville, USA”

  1. Angela Avatar

    Hey, great pics.
    Just so you know, as Smallville does not often film in Cloverdale anymore, the town has since removed the “Home of Smallville” sign. I also went looking for it.

    I also managed to visit some of the above places. The Kent Farm really is amazing when you get to look around. I did the same thing you did and talked to the owners, who let me walk around, opened the gates for me, let me get a picture on the tractor and told me all sorts of great things about the show.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that the Daily Planet building is the Marine Building on the corner of Burrard St and W. Hastings. On the other corner is Luthorcorp a.k.a the Government of Canada Building. There is a website that lists a lot of set locations, http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/totw/filminglocations.html .

    Also the bridge from the Pilot episode is in Pitt Meadows, on Harris Rd. It’s easy to find as Harris Road only has one bridge.

    Anyway, Happy Hunting!

    1. timscribbles Avatar

      Thanks for the info. Now everyone else who see this site will know where to go and capture what I missed.

  2. Angela Avatar

    Glad I could help.

  3. Tom Avatar

    Enjoyed your pics. Visited there myself… spent 2 days with Mario & Karen.
    Did you sign the guest book?
    To share more use my email above.

  4. Tom Avatar

    Great pics! Any more to share?
    Did the Kent Farm owners have you sign the guestbook?


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