timscribbles G2 Seattle, Washington

Seattle. The City of the first Starbucks. Damn them to hell. XP jkjk. So we were only there for half a day and then headed to  Canada. Below is the house we stayed in along with that pos Camry rental we got.


Apparently in Seattle, they have lime green Prius taxis driven by…stereotypes.


I kinda like this pick. It has one of those modernism feels to it. (Below)IMG_2984

Here we are at the Olympic Scuplture Park, home of some noteable pieces.

IMG_2990If you can’t tell, the tree is made of metal.

IMG_2993After Art History, one the few things I remember is that this is a typewrite eraser.


Before they had cannons, they have log launchers. XD

IMG_3014One of my more favorable shots.

IMG_3016“Battlecruiser operational” (If you didn’t get that, Starcraft)

IMG_3027A few of my six thousand perspective shots on this trip

IMG_3029IMG_3032That boat bus thing is retarded. Adaquas ftw.

IMG_3034Ooo “Transformation” ahhIMG_3036“Don’t look at his penis, don’t look at his penis, don’t look at his penis” (YGO Abridged)


You’d hope so right?IMG_3038

IMG_3039No PS, no editing. Completely Raw excluding the logo.

IMG_3040Omg! Its everywhere! *Cough go to a real school*

IMG_3042Probably my favorite shots on the trip. A man and his dog.


This stuff was soo good. Beer Pretz ftw!IMG_3048Next stop Vancouver, BC, Canada and Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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