timscribbles host shoot again

Posted up a photo shoot last night on SDRev last minute. A few guys came out for the shoot. For those who wanted to come, but could not make it, I’m sure I’ll have future shoots. But today was rather good. The weather was bad, everything was rushed sort of, but things came out pretty good. Even though my eyes was complete off. It’s one of those gloomy day feelings where the sun isn’t out so you don’t need to put on sunglasses, but its kinda bright so you want to. You know? XP


Beautiful, right?


IMG_2874IMG_2884Yeah I know. The editing. Bad.  I know. But I’m too lazy to fix it. W/e. I am entitled to one bad shot every shoot.


I was trying to go for something here, but now I know I should have done each car invidually. Oh well.


I don’t what I was going for here, but looks almost like an Autocross shot.IMG_2932

The below just for laughs. I put on the OEM: stagetwo stickers on my Vee. XP


Little ads. They look like the belong in a commercial.


IMG_2970So that’s it for today. I’m flying to Seattle and Canada tomorrow. I’ll be back next week some cool stuff hopefully.

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