timscribbles G2 Vancouver, BC

First thing when you go you Canada is…buy a case of Heineken at the Duty Free. XPIMG_3069IMG_3080Apparently, the Honda dealerships in Canada are red instead of blue.

IMG_3084Being is Coquitlam is like being in HK, lots of fobs and lots of asian stuff to do. Awesome.

IMG_3086Another one of my perspective shots.

IMG_3208Seriously, when you run out of stuff to do, you shoot everything.

IMG_3218I mean sitting in a car all leaves one with not much to do.

IMG_3221You start to find the most random things artistic.

IMG_3224Not PS, just the shade thing on the windshield.

IMG_3286Omg another buidling…IMG_3287Another perspective…damn these are boring…

IMG_3290Domo…We both know what we’re both thinking of

IMG_3293Yes its artsy….

IMG_3309Yes MORE BuildingsIMG_3306IMG_3310

This one was kind of interesting

IMG_3330IMG_3339IMG_3342I actually like this one. Very calming.

IMG_3345Crazy rainbow cloud I saw.

IMG_3347IMG_3365IMG_3387Behold the glory of the Powerline!

IMG_3392IMG_3431Ok. Done for today…more to come.

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