I met up with Shopow today for a photo shoot in CMR. We got a good amount of cars to shoot so it was pretty fun.img_1790img_1751

A pair of JDM ITR Recaros.

img_1755img_1756img_1761Fancy Recaros.

img_1770img_1772img_1775Wheel Whore pictureimg_1780HFP badge on a FA5

img_1782img_1792img_1796Shoes w/ EK.

img_1798Heh Panda. ^^

img_1804Teggys and Pandas


Civics Unite


img_1828Shopow Showdown: Dark vs Light

img_1851Fast and the Furious got nothing on this.



These are pretty wallpaper-esque. Email me if you want a wallpaper size. Include resolution.

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