RaceLegal Car Show

Yay car stuff. Actually, it was probably the most boring car I have ever been too. The drive there was equal to the time spent there. 30 minutes. Sigh. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood, but I actually felt that my time could have been spent better at home watching anime. <<<<< Sad, but true. Anyways, got some pics. Enjoy.

img_1955img_1954There was a ok amount of people showing. But a really small show nonetheless.

img_1951And people wonder why I hate taking pictures of domestics.

img_1945img_1944img_1942Looky who it is again.

img_1941This is only shot I was actually happy with.

img_1936img_1934You know me and 5th gen Civics.img_1933 img_1931img_1930img_1929

No idea why the extra lights were necessary. I don’t think its comestics cuz..well look at it.img_1920img_1921img_1918img_1919

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