Cars and Coffee 031509

Hey this is just a short post on Cars and Coffee in San Diego at Balboa Park Automotive Museum. Headed down there at 7AM after a night of HIN. I was so sore, I didn’t really want to go, but it was fun. Not enough imports though probably because of HIN the night before.


img_1723Mostly, there was just domestics, but there was one interesting car. One that was very unique.


This one was all metal and painted over with a clear coat. Very interesting effect.img_1742img_1744

Barely fits a pack of cigerettes. So low. All stock suspension.

img_1740This shot is not blurry. The focus is on the dice mind you.

img_1724One AP in the entire lot.

img_1729Plus two NSXs and that’s all the Honda/Acuras.

img_1725There were a bunch of Zs.

img_1732Decent amount of people showed up.

img_1733Nothing says power like a war machine behind you.

img_1734Only thing more ridiculous than this DOHC ZETEC domestic front…img_1736is the rear. With Altezza tail lights.

img_1737img_1739Team Shopow having a four way….lmao. (not my words)

img_1746They were having a raffle for a detail kit, so I was bored. Look at them. ^^

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