Hot Import Nights Coverage: Part Five


Ooo. AP w/ Spoon Hardtopimg_1687

EGs will always be special to me. Grew up with one.img_1689img_1712

We left pretty early. At about 7PM since there wasn’t much to see anymore beside twenty booths trying to power each other with 20 different songs.img_1698

Omg! The Chronicles! (Joey, check out, this guy is struting your sticker) If you guys haven’t heard about The Chronicles, its a blog dedicated to specifically Hondas. Joey Lee, my cousin, and he’s writing for Honda tuning. Check it out

img_1715When we got to the cars, there was a bunch of crap cover our windshields.

img_1716What would one do with all this junk?

img_1718You plaster it all over your buddy’s STI. Lmao.

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