Subaru Summer Solstice 2019

Words by Matt Willis

Tim and I went to check out Subaru Summer Solstice in Coronado this past weekend. This event takes place every, well…summer solstice; or close to it anyways. It was also previously held in the LA area, so we were excited to check out the new – but familiar – location.


We arrived on the early side, but there was already a good turnout by around 10 or so.


Roll in was kind of neat, converging with the sidewalk that runs along the bay.


Tim and I both thought that the layout of all the cars was very…congested, to say the least. It’s not shown in this image, but behind these crammed rows was a ton of space to spread out and really allow the vehicles to be showcased.


I am a sucker for just about anything that pays homage to the Subaru WRT glory days…


…big or small.


One of the few others that caught our eye. Most of the cars on display were VA WRXs, so anything older really stood out…


Nicely outfitted Crosstrek…



The glorious Hawkeye and its predecessors…


Thanks for reading!

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