The Chronicles Year10

Words by Matt Willis

This year marked the special tenth anniversary of the yearly Chronicles meets, taking place the weekend prior to the SEMA Show at the Eibach Springs facility in Corona.

The Eibach grounds (and moreso, The Chronicles) have long become synonymous with Honda culture, as a stage for some of the most unique, pristine and inspiring vehicle creations. This year was no different, with over 200 builds showcased around the lot there was no shortage of quality cars to take in.

The last time I attended, Tim and I arrived late in the afternoon in hopes of having some nice evening light for photos, facing the unfortunate tradeoff that most of the lot had already cleared out. So, this time we headed up earlier in the day to catch more of the action. Take a look…



The multi-color Integra collection from Loi-Spec Garage…


Tim and I both took to this Civic SiR draped in Mugen gear.


Beautifully done Del Sol with a K-swap and polished ITBs.

Another trifecta lineup of colorful Integras…IMG_2963

This Integra from ATS Garage was one of my favorites. The red coupled with the unique ceramic finish on the ITBs and exhaust pieces really made this build stand out.

Captiva Blue Civic fitted with the rare Carnival Yellow interior…

Sleek S2000 off in the corner…

Can’t miss Phil Robles’ track-tested Civic.

Sans the JDM front-end, this is a near-perfect ITR build. Not that an ITR needs further tweaking, but the Mugen Gen 2 spoiler, the turn-down exhaust, and aggressive tires are nice subtle touches that really set this one off.


A new FK CTR done up in the iconic HKS colors…_MG_9866


We later found a few photographic gems around the back of the lot, including this tofu-car themed Z.


Another beautiful Del Sol.


As Tim and I were heading out, we spotted this Motul S2000 racer hidden around back and had to get one last shot…

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