Fabulous Fords

Words by Tim Wong

Recently I’ve been kind of burnt out of the import type car shows and culture in general because it’s mostly the same stuff all year round so seeing one show is like seeing them all. It’s great seeing familiar faces, but if you followed this blog long, I’m always itching to break out of the mold and see the diversity of the car culture overall. So when I was invited to check out the 30th Annual FABULOUS FORDS FOREVER Car Show at Knotts Berry Farm, I made the trip out to see some of the cool cars there. I’ve known about the show for a couple of years now, but I kept not having the time for it so this was my first visit. I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I got there, it was beyond my expectations. This is not a little car gathering, but a full on hot rod show with vendors all over. Anyone who is into Fords or hot rods in general, this show is well worth a visit. It really brings to mind a traditional grassroots show in the sense that it really does away with any of the nonsense lifestyle aspects that pollutes the import culture and gets back to what people really enjoy about cars.


A pair of some chameleon colored Mustangs





Carbon fiber Saleen Mustang


Speaking of Saleens, there was a Saleen S7 present as well.



Motorcraft 2015 Mustang on HRE wheels




I didn’t really cared for 70s era Mustangs at first, but they have grown on me over the years.



Chrome Shelby Cobra 427 50th Anniversary



Probably one of my favorite bits of the show was the Bronco section because I don’t usually see Broncos all the much and I definitely don’t see them modified like this. I’ve always liked seeing well-built off-roaders and the Bronco always seems like a great body for that.


The variety of Bronco builds were so interesting with restomods and period correct styles.




The Ford Escorts in Europe were always pretty cool cars, but too bad none of them came to the States like this.



Who doesn’t like Cosworth in their cars









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