Long Beach Grand Prix 2014: Pirelli World Challenge

Words by Tim Wong


25th season of the Pirelli World Challenge championship is a series that has one of the rounds like Long Beach Grand Prix. It is a North American auto racing series managed by WC Vision. This is one of my favorite events of the LBGP weekend because it consists of various classes of touring cars which are essential modified racing versions of production sports cars. The thundering sound of these cars is truly something to witness.



Anthony Lazzaro in a Ferrari 458 GT3



Tim Pappas in a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3


James Sofronasin an Audi R8 Ultra


Alex Figge in a Mclaren 12C GT3


Erik Davis in the Always Evolving Racing Ford Mustang Boss 302S


Mike Skeen in a Audi R8 Ultra



Dan Knox in a Dodge Viper GT3-R


Drew Regitz in a Aston Martin GT4


Michael Mills in a Porsche GT3R


Many cars suffered from brake failure during the intense racing and miss a hard left turn after the long straight away.







Brent Holden in a Audi R8 Ultra








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