Autofashion’s VIP Festival 2014

Words by Tim Wong


Just like any other year, the single week of the year that starts off with The Chronicles anniversary meet, followed by a week of SEMA, and then ends with the annual VIP Festival by Autofashion. Probably one of the most intense week of automotive culture in the year and also the most exciting. I spent most of this week going through all the images from all the events so SEMA 2014 coverage will be coming after the VIP Festival. While I only had time for the first hour to go through the event, there was a solid turnout at the event. Usually, the event is hosted at the Autofashion shop, but the new location is far too small for a sizable meet so it was at B&G Suspension’s new location.


Jeff Correa’s Civic in its new form. The new matte color changing look has come a long way from when I last shot it in 2011.































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