Eibach Honda Meet 2014: Part Two

Words by Tim Wong


Wrapping up the rest of the Eibach Honda meet coverage today after yesterday’s cars mostly in the vendor section.


It’s always nice to see these guys out with their Civics as each of them have a unique way of going about their builds. Cody Chan’s hatch here has an Itasha style after the anime, Evangelion.


Yuta Akaishi’s four door and Kristian Wong’s hatch



Rywire’s E-AT Civic build is one of classic simplicity all around making it a clean look; especially in the engine bay with everything tucked, including the radiator.



It is not often that I see a RHD S2000 so this was pretty interesting to see.









Prelude builds were surprisingly rare this year even though Accord and Preludes usually aren’t present in such large numbers anyways.


I always enjoy seeing CB7 builds since I have one myself. These Accords are pretty abundant, but seeing them done up nicely is a rare sight.


Big Mike’s Accord wagon now rolling on a new set of Wheels.





Loi-Spec Garage out in full force with their Integra Type Rs.















That’s it from Eibach 2014, but coming up next is Toyotafest coverage.

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