Project G Annual Meet 2014

Words by Tim Wong

A couple weeks ago, Project G held the annual meet at their shop which I have been attending since their grand opening. This once small meet has become larger and larger each year. This year, the meet wrap around the block into the next street over lining the streets with Miatas. Essentially anything and everything done to Miatas can be found at this event from racing to street modified. It may even be seen as the Miata equivalent to the Eibach Honda meet. Considering how large this event was, I’d say the size of the gathering has outgrown this location.


On our way to the meet, I caught the Bauer Catfish rolling in.


This year seems to have really packed the cars in to accommodate the increase of vendors.


The “Art Center” Miata on Work Equips




Garage Woolery Miata with the Pit Crew front end on 949 Racing 6ULs.












Jon B’s NC Miata with some rare converted NA tail lights.


Chris’ NA Miata with heavy aero for his frequent track time.








S2000 on Regamaster Evos sporting the latest creation from Project G, the G string top for S2000s.










The Bauer Catfish. I’ve seen this a number of times, but every time it draws a crowd of people who have no idea that it is a Miata underneath.












If you are interested in seeing more images of the event, you can find them on Flickr.

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