K1 Speed San Diego Grand Opening

Words by Tim Wong


Last weekend, K1 Speed had a grand opening event for their latest San Diego location which featured many of San Diego’s local automotive shops and manufacturers. The overall event was not as big as I was expecting considering how many sponsors were listed along with some celebrities local to San Diego, but it didn’t stop some great cars and people coming out.

HRE Wheels had a booth out with Jon Parot’s Aston Martin V12 Vantage and a BMW M5.


HPI Racing had all of their latest and upcoming RC models out on display.


Compared to the Falken Porsche above, this is their upcoming series of smaller models with designs after the Puma Subaru GRC cars.


Speaking of which, Bucky Lasek, one of the drivers of the Puma Subaru GRC cars, brought out his personal Subaru Impreza WRX STI.


Another Subaru STI on HREs with HGMS which had several cars out.





Autofashion and Motor Union also had booths with a couple cars out.


Nit’s Spoon themed S2000 is something I haven’t seen in a while, but at the same time never gets old.




Josh Kalis’ 1000hp TT Speed Society Chevy Camaro



6 responses to “K1 Speed San Diego Grand Opening”

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  2. BenAutobahn Avatar

    Lovely photos of the event.

    May I know if that Mustang (the last photo) was an actual police car?

    1. timscribbles Avatar

      No, I don’t believe it was. It was a promotional vehicle for a driving school.

  3. tomsterrifictopics Avatar

    they were some nice cars

  4. powelljuanita5 Avatar

    these cars are cool

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