Singer: On the Streets

Words by Tim Wong


If you are a fan of Porsches, especially the classic ones, you must have heard of Singer Vehicle Designs. They specialize in restomod-ing the Porsche 911, but what sets them apart from the rest of the 911 builders is that they take an extreme amount of effort taking in every single detail on every car. All of their vehicles are built to optimize performance while staying true to characteristics of each car. The first time I had a chance to see a Singer vehicle in person was at the annual Car Classic event at Art Center which features some of the most amazing vehicles in the world. Even though I’m not a the biggest fan of Porsches, a Singer is next to impossible to not like just by the way they are built with such a flair in their style.


Singer brought out two of their vehicles to display out on the street in front of The Palm Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.


This white 911 is one of their earlier builds in comparison to the green 911 which is their latest build.



While seeing the two cars next to each other, I have to admit I’d much prefer the white 911 that was build earlier on because of the color choices and the interior which are more to my liking.





The interior of the white one had a more aesthetically pleasing color palette and styling had a more classic look.



I even liked the Recaro seats better. Surprised to see powered seats as well.



Even the manual adjustable mirrors had a nice design.


The green and purple 911 had the color palette continue through the interior. I personally prefer adjustable seats as they are easier to live with on a daily basis.



Engine shot of the white 911.


As always, it was nice to see these cars up close as Singer vehicles are all about details.





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