LA Auto Show 2013: Manufacturers at Large [Part Two]

Words by Tim Wong


The LA Auto is a pretty big show that takes up the whole convention center with several halls. I could spend quite a bit of time there just looking all the cars on display.


The new Jaguar F-Type Coupe. Many already like the roadster version with the great exhaust note so having the option of a coupe is nice.



Mazda had this half stock and half race car Miata from exterior to interior divided down the middle.



The Youabian Puma is a hardtop, four-seat convertible coupe that costs $1.1 million. This creation comes from Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Kami Youabian. The massive car is powered by a 505hp 7.0 Corvette V8 paired with a 6-speed automatic RWD sitting on 20in wheels and 44in tires. Aside from being one of the most hideous vehicles I’ve seen, the car doesn’t seem to have any real function aside from being ridiculous.



While we are on the topic of vehicle design, Art Center had an area displaying their transportation design program with several of the designs brought to life like this Honda Gear concept.



The Honda FCEV was another one of my favorite which showcased the new fuel cell concept car. The Honda FCX Clarity was a car I was a supporter as it is a bold move toward alternative energy unlike using hybrid/electric motors which isn’t an alternative energy at all.


Aside from the technology behind the car, the styling is fantastic direction that is refreshing to see with the very futuristic design.


The front grill and tail lights featuring a glowing back light which adds to the high tech look.



At Nissan, they were two cars that have been gaining some attention. The new NISMO GTR R35 and the NISMO Sentra. The new GTR has gain new improvements in performance which is no surprise since the R35 is already known for the amazing technological performance.




I was walking around the NISMO Sentra and forgot I was at Nissan thinking I was looking at a new Lexus IS so to imagine my surprise when I found “Sentra” on the back. The resemblance is hard to ignore. I’m sure many Nissan fans will be interested in this performance model not that I’m in that group.



Nice to see San Diego local brewery, Stone, at the show serving beer.


Dodge was showcasing the new SRT Viper and several other models from their line up.


Along with the new Challenger, the old Challenger was shown featuring the classic “Shaker” hood since they have recently released the “Shaker” hood for the new Challenger.




The KIA K900 is the latest luxury sedan from Korea. The front end has a grill similar to the new Jaguars, but the whole car still feels like cheap faux luxury all around.



Ford Mustang GT350 and the modified Mustang for the new Need For Speed Movie both at the Ford booth.



Over at Porsche in its own room, I had pretty great time in the cafe they had. Considering I hadn’t eaten all day and it was well into the afternoon, it was great they fed me and beer’d me while having a view of their latest supercar, the 918 Spyder.


I like this so much more than the Carrera GT which looks entirely new instead of a elongated 911.



On the lower end of the scale, the new Porsche Macan is a small SUV at the $50K price range.




Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series


In the aftermarket hall which is getting smaller every year, had some interesting vehicles.


Turbo display with an Indy car



If the Mystery Machine was actually a VW bus…


Tanner Foust’s GRC Ford Fiesta


Justin Pawlak’s drift Ford Mustang


That’s the end of this year’s LA Auto Show. It was a pretty good show this year and worth checking out.


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