Five Years of The Chronicles… [Part Two]

Words by Matt Willis

Though The Chronicles is focused on the Honda brand, there was a good variety of cars on the Eibach lot for the 5th anniversary event. I was impressed with the quality and effort that truly showed in so many of these builds, in addition to the unique styles and attention to detail.


I loved this simple take on the 240SX. There’s not a whole lot done to the car (at least from the exterior point of view), but it still has a great look to it.


The ride height and wheel/tire sizing is just right, and I love the tail lights and spoiler. Not to mention the paint/body is well kept and the fact that it has the 90’s-era plates on is cool too.


Noel Barnum’s revised FR-S build. Last time I saw it, it was red. Nice to see one done in yellow.


Being that I really dislike this body style of the S13, I thought this build was very well done.



Bo Wong’s F20-equipped Corolla, which we’ve seen at shows over the years, continues to amaze me when I see it in person. I love everything about it – the color, the wheels, the motor…everything.



I thought this was interesting as its not something you normally see…it was a Mercedes 280SE from overseas. And restored or not, it was in excellent condition. A true “VIP” car if I’ve ever seen one…


Fast Autoworks FR-S…



Love these tail lights…


Two stunning 99-00 model-year Civics sharing the same Regamaster wheel setup.


While I love customized engine bays, there is something about a very clean and maintained setup…sans the wire tuck, intake, header, ITBs and coil-on-plug mods…it just rings true with me.



Another FAST Autoworks build. I love the aero and 949 6UL wheels…



If one Honda has been around longer than the rest and still continues to amaze, it’s DPK David’s K-swapped EJ. Such a beautiful and timeless build…





Loi-Spec Garage’s track-bred ITR…




Spoon from top-to-bottom.




Fast Autoworks S2000…


Mugen-equipped S2000 bay…a work of art…



Eibach Springs’ EG racer…



…and their upcoming ITR build…



Speaking of ITRs, here’s a gorgeous Phoenix Yellow R.


As I went around the building, I cam across this nicely parked CRX…





Salem’s TSX build, that has been one of our favorites for some time, has now been refreshed with a Spoon CL9 bumper…



Unique and great looking paint on this EK…


Guests checking out the Rywire Civic EA-T build…



I went over to the Spoon Sports booth to check out some of their beautiful mechanical displays…



Awards being given towards the end of the day…

As the sun went down, I think it could be said that everyone had a great time getting together and seeing all the different builds. And sometimes, that’s all you need for a truly memorable event.

Congrats to Joey on five years and we look forward to five more.

Thanks for reading!


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