Five Years of The Chronicles… [Part One]

Words by Matt Willis

As many of you fellow enthusiasts know, last week, nearly everyone in the industry found themselves at the annual SEMA Show in Vegas. Some of you may have been there in person, others may have had your Facebook feeds loaded will all kinds of photos and news from the show. There was definitely a lot going on and we have a lot to bring to you guys here on the site and on our Facebook page…so stay tuned.

Immediately prior to SEMA, however, was perhaps a smaller and more intimate gathering at the familiar Eibach facility in Corona. It was the 5-year anniversary of everyone’s favorite Honda-dedicated photo blog, The Chronicles. Joey Lee, the author of the Chronicles, with the help of others, organized the gathering and opened the event to his friends and followers. And though it is an event to celebrate the last five years of Joey’s work and dedication to the community; I believe it is honestly his way of reciprocating the favor to the scene and his followers for their support. As Tim and I have been following the Chronicles since the beginning, and both of us still being Honda owners, the site is always a refreshing read – especially since we’ve become a little disconnected with rest of the Honda/Acura community lately. His humorous, lighthearted and sometimes satirical approach to the scene is genuine and allows the rest of us to stop taking cars, trends and all the other bullshit in the scene so seriously. The Chronicles is a reminder that the community is just that…a community…more than an industry, competition, or anything else.

That being said, the community really showed up at the Eibach facility, with all cars and builds of all types/styles…




DownStar’s EG build which we have seen a few times. Love some of the details on this car, including the Denji head lamps and clear tail lamps…


Beautiful NA2 NSX that I remember from a while back.





Michael Mao’s infamous NSX, and his brother’s S2000…









This MR2 caught my eye, mainly because of the ADVAN wheels and the carbon lid in the back. That, and simply put…it is clean and well kept for an MR2. Can’t say that for most others…haha…



Beautiful black-on-gunmetal S2000…



Sportcar Motion’s CRZ build and Godspeed S2000…


I love seeing track-prepped builds because I can gather ideas for my own car; see what works and what doesn’t and go from there. A lot of times, track prep is custom work (i.e. cooling access, safety cages, aero, etc.), which can range from simple to very costly. So seeing different approaches to track builds on different cars always interests me…


Love the P1 Limited seats in this S2000.


Another thing I love to see are H-series swaps, since they are so few and far between these days. This one happens to be supercharged as well…


FD2-converted Civic Si; simple and effective.



I liked this S2000, mainly for the aggressive profile and the Mugen rear spoiler I’ve never seen before…



Engine bays are also something for me to get lost in.


I notice the little things. Like this Spoon engine torque damper…


…and this beautiful Carbing brace…


The picture isn’t 100% true to the color of the car, but this EJ8 looks stellar in a sort of candy-apple red on bronze TE37s.


Honda drag cars are also getting rare these days, but I’m glad to see some are still around.





Loved the beautiful header and solid teal theme this EG had going on…

That wraps up the first half of the event. We will continue with the second part tomorrow. For Joey’s own coverage and a closer look into some of these cars, be sure to visit The Chronicles…!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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