Coronado Speed Festival 2013: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

Spread across two days, the racing on the tarmac of NAS North Island is constant. No matter where you are on base, the roar of engines can be heard all day long. And when you are close to the action, the volume really gets your heart pounding.


Open wheel and formula competition cars from the 1970-80s era.






Very fluid looking car, the Lola 294.









As the next run was preparing to head out onto the track, we took a walk through the paddock to get up close to some of the cars that would be racing later on…














This car would obviously not be racing on the track, but was still interesting nonetheless…


Miatas from the MX-5 Cup series…


This Boss 302 is just a work of art…


Melanie test fitting in an 1100cc BMC Formula Jr…


The very rare and cherished Mercedes 300SL…





Classic Corvette…



My personal favorite run group…























We will wrap up the Speed Festival weekend with a shot of this ’72 Carrera RSR, in celebration of the Porsche 911’s 50th Anniversary.

Thanks for reading!

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