Big SoCal Euro Gathering 2013

Words by Tim Wong


The Socal Euro gatherings started off with much more humble beginnings with the usual local meets, but I’ve seen it grow extremely quickly to the massive gathering it is today. Since the gathering has become a full fledged official event now at Qualcomm Stadium, the attendance has been able to grow even bigger with the event being at a new high.

Last time I was here, the event had less vendors and a smaller show area, but it has since multiplied by at least 5. Since I was in Fontana earlier that day at Subiefest, I was glad to come back to San Diego to cover this afternoon event with the lovely evening light.


As one would expect, many cars have HRE wheels supporting our local wheel manufacturer in Vista.






HRE Wheels had a couple of their usual display cars and a couple new ones out at their booth.









LTMW and Liberty Walk was lined up next to the drag strip with all their wild and amazing cars grabbing attention nonstop.


The aggressive body styling and insane wideness of their cars is something I just can’t help but love.





























Even though I find quite a large amount of the euro scene is pretty bland when it comes to modification as many consider just lowering and aftermarket wheels a complete build (of course this is a really broad generalization that has many exceptions), the creativity to finding some really interesting looking wheels has always caught my eye.




That wraps up the coverage for this year’s event. Considering how this year turned out and the growth from previous years, I can only anticipate how great next year’s will be.

One response to “Big SoCal Euro Gathering 2013”

  1. wow its like heaven!!! for a car enthusiast like me and been to many car shows and events ive never seen cars gorgeous like this 🙂

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