Extreme Autofest 2013: Anaheim

Words by Tim Wong


As the show season is starting to kick up, Extreme Autofest had their big show in Anaheim just this weekend. This is one of the two shows, the next show will take place in San Diego in July. EAF is one of the bigger shows in the car show scene featuring cars from the imports, lowriders, and the DUB scenes. As with their recent shows, they have been hosting small drift / gymkhana type demonstrations.


There is a big lowrider support every year at the show.



European and Japanese Imports take up a sizable space of the venue.




Over the track area, the lowrider bounce contest takes with some heavily modified vehicles that “bounce” and get pretty vertical.


Even though I’m not very involved in that subculture, it is quite the spectacle to see car launching their cars so high, the rear bumpers touch the ground.





Aside from the height contest, they do some stunting type cruising like bouncing their cars while in motion and two or three wheel action.





After all the showboating, it not uncommon for these cars to break something like a driveshaft.



Back over at the car show, there were plenty of cars new and old.




Amazing Mazda RX-7 FC that I saw at last year’s Auto Gallery show in Huntington Beach.











Quite the crowd watching the “Driftkhana” event sponsored by Megan Racing taking place throughout the day.



Some of them got pretty close to the walls separating us from the cars.



More and more cars would be added to the tandems.
























4 responses to “Extreme Autofest 2013: Anaheim”

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    Awesome Coverage by Tim Wong Check out Extreme Autofest Anaheim

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  3. Great coverage man! Ever since I saw the photo of my Yellow 370z on your site, I’ve been a fan. Keep up the great work and hopefully we can Collab one day!



    1. I appreciate the comments. You got a great looking Z and a collaboration sounds great.

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