Back to Carlsbad Cars

Words by Tim Wong


It has been quite some time since I’ve been available on a Saturday morning in San Diego, but Richard who takes the time to organized the event every week invited me to check out the meet. The big showcase that morning was supposed to be the Fast Six Mustang, but there was surprise that morning with another car that was just simply amazing.


Richard’s black Mustang GT that sits in the same spot pretty much every single week.


First off, we take a look at this extremely detailed 1969 Ford Mustang from Anvil Auto. It is supposed to be one of the hero cars in the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise, Fast Six. This stallion took Ford’s Best of Show, Outstanding Achievement In Design award, as well as a Mother’s Shine award back in 2010.


The front of end of the car is made from carbon fibers making it extremely lighter than the average Mustang of the time.



As what one would expect with a SEMA quality showcar, the vehicle was nothing sort of showroom condition and extremely well kept inside and out. With the hood popped, I found an all aluminum 520ci Boss 429 beast of an engine sitting inside, putting out 805 HP.


I love seeing attentions to details like the drill door handles which look elegant and functional.


One of the main things that set this Mustang apart are the one-off 19×12 wheels from Evod Industries which are made to resemble the ’60s Gurney Eagle Indy Car wheels.


The car was shot by Hot Rod Magazine and still using the Hot Rod plates. If you’re a Mustang guy, you’ll notice the tail lights and the tail light panel are from a 68 Mustang.



The surprise of the day was this Corvette. All the customization put into this vehicle was just staggering.




My favorite custom work on the car was the interior with the all the gauges, the interface buttons, and switches.




One of the great things about living in California, specifically Southern California, is that classic British roadsters is not a uncommon sight.



Jaguar E-Types are never a sore sight. Truly a beautiful car with an amazing sound.






Daniel Goodman’s latest Datsun 240Z project




Ford Model T. Talk about a real vintage car.


BMW 335i on HRE wheels. HRE wheels is a common sight at this meet as HRE and many of the owners show up to support the weekly local gathering.


Audi RS5 on HRE wheels




Blue Batmobile’s NSX on HRE wheels.


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