I’m Speeding Into A New Sunrise

Words by Tim Wong


A couple weeks ago, I was in San Diego for the week and got an email from Jon complimenting my work and of a particular shot of his Aston Martin Vantage S from last year at the local automotive gathering, Cbad Cars. I had taken an liking to his car and we setup up a private shoot later in the week.


My shot of Jon’s AM Vantage S on HRE P40SC at Cbad Cars.


Jon and I rolled to of my San Diego shooting locations in his Vantage. The spot is a mountain peak and overlooks San Diego all the way to the ocean.


The profile of an Aston Martin is nothing short of beautiful.


A close up of the perfectly matching HRE wheels.




We did a couple rolling shots to end the set.


Watching and hearing this Aston Martin rolling up and down the hill a couple times reminded me of the Top Gear episode where Jeremy Clarkson drive the Aston Martin V12 Vantage.




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