CNC Motors

Words Tim Wong


CNC Motors is a specialty exotic vehicle dealer located in Ontario, CA. The family owned business recently moved to a larger location to house the massive collection of vehicles and to show off the new facility, they held an open house event. Along side of the cars in house, many customers and enthusiasts showed up to show their support.


The event was very small judging from their Facebook event, but I watched the attendance grow far beyond my expectations and not short of many amazing vehicles.




Ferrari F430 sitting right at the entrance. The amount of Ferraris present was pretty impressive.





The Ferrari F355 has always been one of the few Ferrari I really liked because most of the Ferraris I see today don’t have the gated shifters and replaced with those fancy paddle shifter systems.



A race prepped Porsche 944 parked right up front.


Aside from all their exotics, they have some nice classic American muscle cars.


Inside the showroom was nothing short of impressive with all the high end cars packed inside.



The only Jaguar E-Type inside


Ferrari line up



Porsche Carrera GT


A couple Mercedes Mclaren SLRs






One of my favorite Mercedes Benz ever made is the SL65 AMG with the V12 Biturbo. The aggressive design, the massive engine, and the sound is something that sets it apart from the rest.




Nice to see a classic Porsche Carrera in the collection.



The Porsche Boxster Spyder isn’t really a common sight, but this one had some pretty aggressive fitment.



Two Ferrari Testarossas



Jaguar XKR-S



SVT Cobra


Over the next building, CNC has their service center that works on a wide variety of vehicles.


This great track prepped Martini livery Porsche 944 is a customer car.











Back outside, plenty of more cars showed up.





Fantastic orange Lamborghini Murciélago







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