Streets of Willow 011913

Words by Matt Willis

A few weeks ago, I picked up a much-needed bucket seat for my car, so I decided to take it for a spur-of-the-moment trial run at Streets of Willow the following weekend. I signed up sort of last minute with Extreme Speed Track Events and headed up to Rosamond early Saturday morning.


I had arrived slightly later than expected so I scrambled to get my car ready to run, get my transponder and all that. There was a wide variety of cars in the paddock, and most of the run groups were very packed. After my first run, I used the time in between to capture some of the action.


There were a handful of AE’s present.


Cars lining up on the grid. The track was running in the clockwise format, which I prefer to counter-clockwise.



Didn’t take long for things to get going. Here is a very quick S2000 from the San Diego area. We’ve see this car at our local Tacos and Tuners meet every so often, and we have reason to believe the driver is also the owner of a local shop called Infinite Motion…



Aggressive looking E36 in a nice shade of blue…


Several FRS’ and BRZ’s were out on the track. Great to see they are so popular and that people are putting them to good use so soon…


South of the Streets of Willow course is the Willow Springs “Big Track”. Early in the morning, they had several older imports running full-speed on this track…


Love this CRX…




Really loved this yellow S. I think if I ever got one, this is pretty much what I’d want it to look (and hopefully drive) like.


Ferrari 360 vs. Acura NSX down the front stretch…



This factory-looking EG was moving around the track pretty quick. Props to the driver for driving a simple car so well. Gives me inspiration.



Road Race Motorsports had two Fiat 500 Abarths on the course. I can’t remember which, but one of them sounded surprisingly good…



EJ1 being driven by the Stig…


This S2000 from DNA Motoring had some trouble early on. One of the many pitfalls of high performance driving, unfortunately these problems are sometimes inevitable.


The same car being towed back to the paddock for evaluation/repairs…



Very clean and simple Civic Del Sol on TE37s. We don’t see too many well-built Del Sols around anymore…



Crazy Evo IX from Road Race. Love everything about this car. Had a great sound and an insane amount of grip too.





Subaru Legacy tearing things up…



This guy came by, probably wondering where all the good cars were at…haha. I would have loved to see it on the track.


The CRX we saw racing earlier at Big Willow made its way over to the Streets paddock.




The Road Race Evo IX cooling off…









Rossion Q1 from Zeitronix…



Formation driving…


Just a tad wide.


Mark Jager’s Subaru Impreza WRX STI going for a pass…



Later in the day, everyone was pretty much settled in. The guys at Extreme Speed were holding a raffle while parade laps were happening out on the track around lunch time.


My buddy Ryan came out from Lancaster to catch some of the action…


Dogfight between RWD and FWD Hondas…







People packing up towards the end of the day.


The sunset overlooking Big Willow as I prepared to head out.

That’s it for our first track day of 2013. Thanks to Extreme Speed (as always) for hosting another great event. I hope to be out there again soon.

** Just a reminder, we have a giveaway for a FREE TRACK DAY at Willow Springs going on over at the timscribbles Facebook page, courtesy of Extreme Speed. The winner is drawn at the end of the month, so if you haven’t entered, go visit our page and put your name in! **

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