Night Lights

Words by Tim Wong

Tuesday night, Mikey Dang from Photo M.D. asked me to show him how to shoot with strobes so he wrangled up a couple cars to shoot. I brought out my Alien Bees which has been quite some time since I’ve shot with them most because they are a pain to setup up, but lately I have been shooting with them a couple times recently. The main reason of the shoot was to setup a big group shot to show how lightning needed to by worked for the best results. With portraits, it is much easier to utilize lighting because there is less depth, but with cars, the distance is much greater so we needed to setup extra lights to give all the cars a nice amount of light. I spent a good amount of time setting up the strobes along with wireless triggers for two flash units for a pretty decent shot in the end.

After the big group shot, I decide to give everyone a couple individual shots while I was at it. Since it wasn’t a really photo shoot, I didn’t really bother to edit them much.
















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