Cars and Coffee 01122013

Words by Tim Wong

This past Saturday morning, I met up with some friends in Huntington Beach to cruise down to Irvine for the weekly Cars and Coffee meet. I was mainly out there to coverage the event for another site so most of the prime coverage is over there instead of here. This is mostly the “left overs” of my coverage, but still pretty awesome cars. Most of the high end exotics are being used by “TheDeserve” so you can find the rest over there. This particular morning had an amazing turn out with so many cars and people.


A couple of vintage Trimuphs.




This isn’t the exactly a common car at this type of meet, but being a massive Hachiroku fan boy, I was completely stopped by how prefect this AE86 was.




Porsche 930 sitting on a set of gold BBS RSs.


Insanely badass Buick Rivera.



I have no idea what this vehicle is, but it looks like a really old predecessor to the golf cart.





Pretty simple Nissan 370Z, but I like the nice touches on the wheel and tire.





Lotus Espirt V8.


Ford Mustang Mach I Boss 351


There was an massive presence of BMWs and Mercedes Benz that morning.
















I never get enough of seeing this orange NSX. It’s probably that Sunkist orange paint. Absolute perfection.



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