Cars and Coffee

Words by Tim Wong


This morning I stopped by Cars and Coffee in Irvine which I haven’t had the time to attend in quite some time. It was a pretty chilly morning, so cold that there was snow in the parking lot. Surprisingly, the attendance was extremely low too, probably the lowest I’ve ever seen, but there were some interesting cars there.


This Lamborghini Aventador had an anodized blue wrap, but also had a blotchy textures to the pattern. I’m pretty sure I saw this car before at SEMA, but I didn’t really get a chance to take a detailed look at it.









Moving on, I found this fantastic red Toyota Levin.



Right next to the Levi was this pretty normal looking Toyota Supra Mark III, but to my surprise, it was also right hand drive.



Authentic Nissan Skyline GTR R32




Beautiful Mercedes 190SL




I noticed a sizable crowd surrounding these familiar sets of taillights. There was a Acura NSX NA2, Lexus LFA, and the new Dodge STR Viper.








This Mustang popped out like no other, but the modifications are way over the top for my tastes.







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