Speed Ventures: Part One

Words by Tim Wong

Another track day with Speed Ventures at Auto Club Speedway which Matt and I are no strangers to as we have been out there many times. We’ve pretty much seen quite a bit of notorious incidents there such as the Crawford BRZ crash with the “reckless” Mclaren MP4-12C and the Mustang with the CORE wheels breaking on the track. Since Matt is a frequent track driver, we make a habit to walk around the garages to check out the cars and the type of people who drive them as a precaution of the possible driving styles.


Last time, we had the garage next door to Crawford’s BRZ which didn’t have such a pleasant day, but this time next door was R’s Tuning Ben Sopra GTR and the rest of R’s Tuning. It’s a shame I didn’t catch much of it in action on the track or much of R’s Tuning for that matter.





R’s Tuning also had this amazing looking widebody anodized blue BMW M3. I spent a good amount of time walking around looking at the details because it stood out so much.







On our other side, we had this black BMW E36 on Kosei K1s.



I was walking around with a Canon 85mm f/1.2 L that day just to see how it would perform on a normal shooting for me and I can’t say it was something I really plan to ever get unless I happen to start doing purely portraits. This is because I feel the cost doesn’t really just the means for my specific uses even though the bokeh capabilities is nice, but it’s not practical to shoot at f/1.2 all the time.



There was a surprising amount of Vipers there since I usually see Corvettes mostly out there.












When heading out on to the track, we setup the GoPro for some on track video.






Meanwhile over on the autocross side, my buddy Ham was running his Hello Kitty Miata.




This blue Subaru GC8 looked amazing. Of course it is not a real STI, but I still love that body style.




This guy was running his interesting open wheel car.


Back over by the garages, this BMW E30 was towed back in after catching fire.


The whole car was covered with fire retardant.




R’s Tuning had a bit of trouble packing up their Nissan R35 GTR.



End of the day, we packed it up and went out for dinner. More coverage coming up in part two.



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