MFEST 2012

Words by Tim Wong


Two weeks ago, I spent the weekend over in Fontana, CA at Auto Club Speedway for a full weekend of shooting. Matt was running the track with Speed Ventures while our friends at P5R (Project 5 Roadsters) were at the autocross course nearby. MFest just happened to be there, so I ended up just covering that as well. I was always under the impression that MFest was a massive event from the coverage I’ve seen, but this is anything but large. It didn’t even filled up the smaller parking lot. I expecting something along the size of 86Fest which was in the larger parking lot. Coverage isn’t huge, but just somethings that interested me.



Roll in.





A large majority of the time, I found myself looking at wheels and brake combinations more that some of the cars.







This BMW E30 M3 was probably my favorite car there. The simple yet pristine condition of the body combined with a matching set of DPE wheels is just perfect.










Another car that was extremely well done was this Mazda RX-7 FD3S.


SSR wheels






I’m sure many have seen this great looking Nissan 370Z, but many don’t know it’s a wrap.








I absolutely loved that fade away paint on this carbon fiber rear hatch on this S14.




I found this anodized red BMW wagon, a former SEMA car, was sitting outside.




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