A Very Special Sunday

Words by Matt Willis

These are some photos from a Supercar Sunday meet earlier this year. This was a special Lamborghini Marquee event (hence all the Lambos…), but we were also really impressed with the other cars that showed up. I originally intended to post these photos a while back, but it got shuffled behind the other summer events that we covered. So, instead of leaving it behind, I figured it would still be worth it to share…








Sharp looking Diablo…



Loved this wheels on this Datsun Z…




Nice two-tone on this Corolla coupe…



The Lamborghini Aventador. We’ve seen a few since, but at back in April this car was still fairly recent news.



More Gallardos…




Ultima GTR…



Ford GT in Gulf color scheme…




Perhaps the most amazing car at this gathering was this Ford RS200. This a purebred Group B rally car and very few were made for street-legal use.







Aventador and his little brother…


A McLaren MP4-12C was brought in…


…Make that two of them…


Another Aventador…


And-a! And-a another one! This is, no doubt, my favorite Lamborghini color. There’s something so striking about it.


Simple WRX STI on silver RPF01s rolling through…


Dodge Challenger…


Nothing says America like a Mustang.


An Mercedes SLS AMG joined the party.


Yo dawg…


Another very rare car. This is a Renault 5 Turbo hatch.



VW Corrado on Rotiforms…


Cosworth engine in a Lotus 7…


Another Challenger enters the ring…


There were a couple nice rat-rods in attendance.


A Lamborghini Countach…


and if one isn’t enough…


I fell in love with this metallic white Superleggera Gallardo.



Towards the end, a macaroni and cheese colored Lexus LF-A showed and drew up a crowd.

This is just a quick update. We have more content coming through over the next couple of weeks. SEMA is just around the corner (Oct 30-Nov 2) and we hope to be caught up before then, so stay tuned!

– Matt


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