Japanese Classic Car Show 2012

Words by Tim Wong

Japanese Classic Car Show had their 8th annual event this year at their traditional spot, The Queen Mary, in Long Beach’s lovely ocean side location. For some reason, I happen to miss this event year after year mostly due to the lack of promotion for it among my peer audience I would assume, but that was completely different this year as I made it so I was sure to attend even though there were plenty of other event going on that same day. Classic Japanese cars are not seen as commonly as I would like, but it makes it that much more special on the rare occasion that I do spot on. JCCS is a unique event around here in Southern California and has worked its way up to being a world class event. Even though I knew what to expect at this event and that this location has been used to death, it still does not take away from the amazing experience to walk among some of the greatest cars ever made.


This car has come to be known as the “Import Tuner Legend” due to the owner being Charles Trieu, the Editor in Chief of Import Tuner. This has been a car I’ve been interested in since I’ve seen since I first saw it at Nisei. It is very rare for me to just be completely enamored by a car with a single glance, but this car just did it for me. Everything from the clean paint to the Volk Artisan Fins with aero covers were just perfect.


This show had a very interesting fusion of modification mentalities toward this classic automobiles just like American classic car scenes. Some go for the meticulous stock and period correct restoration while other go for the high performance, but then there’s those who fused the two together.



“Zombie” cars are another type of style I enjoy. The style is based around the imperfections of a car which in a sense gives it a certain character that shiny new cars do not possess.



Classic cars were not the only things present like these vintage bikes lined up.


This isn’t really a classic…yet, but Motul had this great looking Nissan 300ZX Z32 on display.






The Nostaglic Car Datsun 510 wagon is pretty well known and I heard the owner designs Hot Wheels which is pretty cool.






This Toyota Hilux was insanely cool to see especially with this twin turbo 2JZ swap.





Pretty gnarly looking SR setup in this 510









This is probably one of the nicest first generation Integras I’ve seen…ever.





A field of Hakosukas? It’s like a dream.







A line up of Honda 600s and as expected Merciless Mings, a notable 600 restorer, was nearby.



Honda CRX roadster





Nissan Vanette


I hardly ever see first generation MR2s especially not in such fine condition and tastefully modified.








Utah based company, JDM Legends, came all the way out here to California with their Mazda RX-7 FB and their Hakosuka. The lively on the RX-7 was very fitting.








On my way out, I spotted this Suzuki Cappuccino in the parking lot which was unexpected. That’s it from JCCS 2012 and I was more than pleased with what I saw at this show. I highly recommend checking this event out for yourselves.


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