Coronado Speed Festival 2012: Part Three

Words by Matt Willis

Continuing coverage from this years Coronado Speed Festival. If you missed them, be sure to check out Part One and Part Two to get an in-depth look at some of the cars that make up this great event.

After circling the paddock and static areas during the practice sessions, Tim and I decided to head out onto the track for the qualifying and race sessions.

Before the track goes hot, though, there is a little opening ceremony. Tim noted it by spotting this C-2 way up in the distance, with the tailgate opening…

…and out came the US Navy Seals Leap Frogs…






A couple of the SH-60s did a quick flyover…


…as well as come classic World War II fighters…

A final pass from a pair of F/A-18Es got the racing started…


Tim waiting patiently for the grid to start.

First up was the SCCA Pro Racing MX-5 class.



There were also a few Miatas from the Skip Barber Racing School MS Pro Challenge.








Taking a break for some official Mazda Skyactiv water.

Next up were cars from Groups 1 and 2.

Perhaps one of the most amazing cars at this event was Noel Park’s 1917 Chevrolet 490. Not only was it awesome to see in the paddock, but this guy had to go race it on the track too…crazy…






Happy little Austin.

The Mercs out there were just beautiful.





Sometimes the cars can be a handful. And the drivers, although very experienced, have to be very careful not to make any errors when driving such a prized and pristine vehicle.


In between run groups, the BMW Dealers of San Diego were giving HPD demos in various Beemers.

Next were groups 3 and 4, which are comprised of many British sports cars and old Formula cars.



Marcos 1800GT…

Rare Alfa TZ…



This Mini driver cut it very close to the retaining wall so many times. Props for excellent driving, and giving me some good scares.


Minis are always fun to see here because they don’t seem like they can compete, but really they have an astounding amount of grip and low roll that makes them nimble in the turns. They give the bigger guys a run for their money!

3-wheelin’ it.


A view from the bridge.


Cruisin’ along the back straight.

One of my favorite cars on the track are the Ginetta G12s from Group Six. They are, in their most essential form, 1.8-liter powered go-karts.




The view from Runway 18 as we crossed to the back end of the track.

That’s it for this post. I was going to try to get all the run groups in, but there are just too many beautiful cars from each to narrow them down to one single post. Expect another update tomorrow with cars from groups six, seven, eight and nine; or what the corner workers call the “ground pounders”.


Thanks again for reading! -Matt

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