Coronado Speed Festival 2012: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

Saturday marked opening day for the 2012 Speed Festival. Tim and I arrived at the crack of dawn to obtain our credentials and start scoping out the action. At around 7:30, cars began rolling into the show area and the track was hot around 8:00 for practice sessions.

One of the first things we noticed was sort of a makeshift “pit area” prepared with fuel cans, jacks, tires and compressors. This later became the stage for a ‘fastest pit crew’ competition between the Navy and Marines.



The historic NASCAR is one of the last run groups on schedule, but the tweaking began early for some…




Miata, Elise, Abarth…



One of the things about the Festival that I really love, is the way the owners and team members (often family) feel about their cars. The older generation puts a totally different perspective on cars than what we – the younger generation – are used to. Really, these guys are just passionate about their own cars and they don’t worry about anyone elses. They put as much effort into detailing them as they do driving them out on the track. Because, to them, that car is part of their blood – maybe part of a generation or from a place they cherish. Maybe it runs in the family. All the cars and people are different, but yet it’s that one blood line that brings them all together.

Classic 911 in Gulf livery.









Preparations being done on this Alfa…


Over on the north end of the paddock, the SCCA Pro Racing MX-5 Miatas were being readied bright and early as well.





GC Impreza and Fit that I don’t remember seeing…

Group 2 driver heading out for practice.

Sun breaking through the clouds…




’71 Ferrari Daytona…




From the paddock, we headed over to the car club/show area behind the grandstands. It wasn’t full being Saturday and all, but there will still plenty of cars rolling in.

If you like AC Cobras, this is your event…



Another Isetta…

Lotus Elan M100…


Smile for the camera…


This didn’t catch my eye much with so many other rare cars to look at, but seeing it again now, I have to say I really like the color on it. It’s a nice change from the traditional Ferrari red, black, yellow schematic.

SH-60 Seahawks lined up on the tarmac.




This car is extremely rare in the states. It is a mid-60s BMW 2000-series TiLux.

Loved the pinstripe graphics and color choice on this Alpina B7…




There are also a wide array of classic and late model (some very rare!) Porsches on display, if thats your fancy.





Lotus Exige, with Lotus cones…haha…



Of course, there was also a bit of the American dream sprinkled in.

Kenny Seo’s Datsun Z…





Lamborghini Espada…



Porsche Carrera GT…

…and a 930 Slant Nose…


Another Z…




The old Mini compared to a current Mini…

That’s it for now. We have much more to come, including some fantastic viewpoints from around the track. Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to connect with us on Facebook for the latest content.

Thanks for reading! – Matt



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