Extreme Dimensions Open House 2012

Words by Tim Wong


Last Saturday after the annual Japanese Classic Car Show at the Queen Mary, I made my way over to the Extreme Dimensions Grand Opening to check out some of the cars and grab some food. This year looked a little bit more people showed up and some different cars. It was pretty hot that day so it was nice to relax in the shade for a bit.









Interesting to see a lowered Honda Pilot.


The red chrome Mustang from HRE’s Grand Opening earlier this year.












I wasn’t expecting to see this combination of the new Scion FR-S and Super Advan Racing V2 wheels. I’ve never particularly liked twin three spoke designs because they only work aesthetically on very few cars.






A Nobel M400 showed up to the meet which was rather surprising. Nobles are pretty rare around here even though I’ve seen plenty of Rossion Q1s.






It was pretty strange seeing an Acura TL with Nissan R35 GTR wheels.



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