Auto Gallery Car Show 2012

Words by Tim Wong

This past Saturday, Praxis Productions hosted their first big car show event in Huntington Beach. For the past several months, I found a good amount of promotion for this event and it looked like something interestingly new compared to other show. After walking around for a couple hours, I can’t say I found anything really unique at this show by means of the kind of show it was, but it was a decently organized show and a good amount of attendance. There was a group of creepy old Asian guys walking around stalking models and pissing me off to no end by intentionally standing in my shots. You think other “photographers” would have the decency to respect other photographers.





Glancing in to the twin intercoolers hidden away







RX-7 with a big LS swap




Armand Pranadi’s MR2




Autofashion’s latest project is this Scion FR-S wrapped in matte black.




I always wanted to wrap my car completely in brushed aluminum and finally I see someone else utilizing the material.


A Camaro had the whole body wrapped in black brushed aluminum.


This Integra was simply great with the clean and simple Kevlar touches along with the engine bay.







It is pretty uncommon to see a Mazda Protege5 modified to this extent.








A whole line of Civic coupes. I have to admit it would have looked better if they were lined up by generation even though it isn’t 100& complete.


I’m sure everyone would like a closer look at this little classic Honda 600 coupe.


Carbon fiber rear window frame.




Classic Volk Racing wheels


Pristine condition interior.















This right hand drive CRX was loaded up with lot of rare JDM goodies like a OEM motor jack.




A VIP styled Lincoln












That’s it from this year’s Auto Gallery, there were so many pictures I didn’t post up here for the sake of load time, but the full gallery will be up on Facebook soon and you can tag and share away.




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