San Diego Comic Con 2012: Part Four

Words by Tim Wong

After so much delay, I’m going to finally finish all of the coverage from Comic Con 2012 with so much content that’s still hasn’t been covered.


Kotobukiya had their usual booth display several of their statues which have lately turned toward the American comics audience.






Big line around the Neon Alley booth featuring the latest anime being brought over here to the States.


Square Enix had the usually sleek displays of figures for sale and prototypes.



One of the coolest displays this year was the promotion of Tim Burton’s remake of his old classic Frankenweenie. The booth featured several scenes from the new movie which are shown in the old fashion stop motion type figures.




The amount of detail in each scene was incredible.












Gentle Giant is another big name in high end and extremely high quality statues in the collectible world. This year they were strong as every with their amazing work on display.





If you follow Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series you may be familiar with this statute of Darth Maul which is depicted as such in the latest season.




Another series Gentle Giant presented was this line up of bad ass beauties.







A series of anime style American superheroines











Over in H Hall where all the big name panels show up with famous Hollywood stars, I caught a big of Jackie Chan’s panel about his upcoming movie called CZ12 which stands for Chinese Zodiac 12.




He talked a bit about this unique suit that he incorporated into the movie with the guy who invented the design.


The next panel is something that is related to the very current release of The Expendables 2 and several of the big name stars showed up for the panel.









I did go and see the movie and it was pretty epic. It’s definitely not a good movie by any means, but the big wow factor is seeing all the great action stars that literally created that genre all in one movie is something worth seeing regardless of the lack of plot and anything beyond that explosions. The point of the movie is the watch them destroy everything and it was awesome.


One of the Q&A questioners were this pair of twins that had on some awesome shirts.


After a day at the con, we sat over at Embarcadero and caught the Legend of Zelda concert.



Outside the Con was a tent promoting the new Frankenweenie movie.


The General Lee


Dodge Dart


Last year there was the COCO MOCA and this year they had a art gallery for charity.







Random shot of an R1.




Over at the Youtube Lounge, there was tons of Youtubers, both viewers and broadcasters.



I don’t really watch Youtube that much so I have no idea who these people are. It was just nice to take a break and sit down for a while.


Apparently, this guy lives around San Diego because I know people who have spotted him driving around in his 5th generation Civic in downtown even after Comic Con.


Bugatti spaceship.


That’s the end of Comic Con coverage. Thanks for sticking around and checking it out.

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