Update 082912

Words by Matt Willis

Just a quick update here on Wednesday night. I’m rushing to get ready for the KROPS Track Day at Streets of Willow this Friday and have a lot I still need to get done. I found out tonight that an ongoing issue with my heater core/heater hoses has made itself present again, so I’ll probably be up for a while trying to mend that. There’s a ton of other crap I need to take care of before I head up north tomorrow night, so my time is definitely winding down.

We’ll have some new content coming online soon, including some special past material that we never released, probably because we were too damn busy. Nonetheless, it’s some great stuff and we think you’ll enjoy it.

If you don’t have to be at work and you were planning on spending your Friday just fapping around anyways, I recommend hitting the track with us and catching some of the action. If you’ve got a safe, working car and a helmet, you’re good to go. Just sign up here (there are a few spots left – $120 with a transponder, $105 without) and be ready to run on Friday. Don’t want to run? You can still come out and see the cars and see what its all about. If you are out there, be sure to say hi to Tim, he’ll be out taking photos and checking out the cars…

More content to come soon, we promise.

That is all…hope to see you guys out there! – Matt





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