Extreme Autofest San Diego 2012: Part One

Words by Matt Willis | Photos by Melanie Kwok, Tim Wong

Following in the path of a successful show in Anaheim, Extreme Autofest continued on down to our neck of the woods. Most of the time, Tim and I are used to getting up way early and heading north to catch shows, but this event was a nice change of pace. Got a little extra sleep and only had to drive a few exits. Another benefit of a local show is that we get to see local cars, which is always awesome.

For those that haven’t been to an Extreme Autofest (or “EAF”) event before, it’s a bit more and a tad different than your typical import car show. Not only are there imports, but there are many great exotics, lowriders, muscle cars, SUVs/trucks, VIPs, hot rods and more on display. Its a good mix of everything and there is something for everyone to enjoy. In addition, there is also a demo area set up for autocross, drifting, and other performance displays for people to check out. Live music and a constantly active stage keeps the crowds happy. Vendors and their models are also there showing off and promoting the latest and greatest products. With everything they have to offer, Extreme Autofest is an excellent show definitely worth checking out.

That being said, we personally had a good time at this year’s event. There’s quite a bit of content so we had to split it into multiple parts, and possibly some extras…

We arrived at the stadium around 8am to try and get some shots before the crowds rolled in and the sun came out…

This seriously built Subaru WRX from Flawless Rides was among the first to greet us.

Notice the AP Racing brakes and the crafty aero/body work…


Plain and simple E92 M3…all business…


One of two R33 Skyline GTRs on display…


Immediately next to it was this beautiful NA2 NSX. I loved everything about this car…


Subaru Forester, done-up all WRX-like…


Very nice approach on this Hachi. Love the color…

IS from Platinum VIP…

She still runs…



This creepily reminded us of David Nguyen’s wagon over at Bojangles Photography


David helping get everyone parked…this is Nitty’s iconic S2000…

The other R33…this one a bit more extravagant. I believe it was for sale…

Sportcar Motion, located in San Diego, is a shop dedicated to building some of the most cutting edge and competitive Hondas in the community. You’ll find many of their project cars tearing it up at the track, or on the front cover of import magazines. Being so local, they brought out a few from their fleet to show off at EAF…



Their K-swapped CR-Z as well. More on Sportcar Motion soon…

TSX from the DudeBLVD crew…

…and this VIP tC. Not bad at all…

We’ve been spotting this 4-door M3 at recent events. Looks great.



Tim and I both liked this LS. Something about the finish on the wheels that makes it stand out…


Evo from HG Motorsports…



Hummer H1. As I said before, there is definitely a variety at Extreme Autofest shows.

BMW 2002.

This was interesting. You don’t see that many Subaru Bajas around, and when you do, they usually are bright yellow and driven by lifeguards. This is one of two (maybe) that I’ve seen modified. In addition to the wheels/tires/suspension, there was also a turbo STI motor in it that was recently rebuilt.

Call me a purist or call me closed-minded, but I just can’t get over the Pitcrew look. Something about it really rubs me the wrong way. Nonetheless, its still a very clean and well-built car…

Apollo’s 3000GT looking good…

Dave Mirra’s GRC WRX rolled through.




There was something special about this Cobra…

…it had the current model 5.0L V8 installed.



Nice color and wheel choice on this Impreza WRX.

Love the wheels…

This vintage Skyline can be seen around San Diego…

Nardi steering wheel…

Notice the spring is used as a cupholder…



Another nice NSX.




This Matrix has been on show circuits for a while, but it is always good to see. Mainly because you don’t seen that many Matrixes around…or is it, Matrices?

Jerel’s Miata is also the representative car for his organization. KROPS advocates keeping racing off the streets and at the track, and his car is a testament to that.


Classics and low riders are very popular at Extreme Autofest.

Here’s a sharp Lincoln Continental.



KennyBuilt from San Diego brought out his Integra dragster. There is a lot of new and experimental technology put into this B-series build. It’s great to see a B being used where most drag cars are going K these days…




Michael Koldus’ Cobalt SS at the KROPS booth. He runs a local organization called Socal Car Meets/Shows that keeps tabs on the latest automotive events, and works closely with KROPS to keep racing at the track.

DC2 from Team Werke.





That will wrap up this post. More to come soon…!

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