Spocom 2012 Pre-Meet

Words by Tim Wong

Spocom has been one of the notable car shows that been around for some time now and this year, they decided to throw a pre-meet just time to before the several weeks of shows coming up to promote the show which is in about a month from now.










Fifteen52 Tarmacs were a set of wheels I always like due to the simple design of it.






Some may have already seen, but earlier this week James Oliver ran into some unfortunate event causing his project of several years to be totaled. I pretty much saw his Prelude transform over the years and it has come a long way which is something to be quite proud of. Glad I snapped a shot right before its end.




Sarge’s 8th generation Civic. I’m surprised to see him still rocking KnowmyHonda stickers as that community has become non-existent now.








Quick stop for lunch at the Dogzilla truck for a Loco Moco Dog.



Apollo Dulay’s highly modified Mitsubishi 3000GT at the Extreme Autofest booth. EAF is coming at the end of this month in San Diego so be sure to check that out.



In front of the ItsJDMYo booth were two of Honda’s most notable cars.

















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