Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2012

Words by Tim Wong

Another year at Extreme Autofest Anaheim drawing in the crowds with the large mix of car cultures all in one event. The Anaheim event usually has some interesting things to do such as the drift demo or the lowrider hydraulic hop competition. One thing I do find is that the Anaheim event tends to have more imports than the San Diego event while San Diego has a more large lowrider presence.



Savani has several cars on display featuring full wraps promoting the new Tekken game.







SPDV6 with a line up of several high end cars



One scene I see growing a bit more is the Itasha culture which I do hope to see more of.


Bisimoto was out in full force with three of his most current builds.


This Scion caught my eye; not because I like it, but the consistent Transformers theme all around was different.



Heavy Hitters with the usual line up of BMWs


The 6 series has never been a car that really interested me, but this has been done up really nicely.




Classics always catch my eye and this Toyota TE72 was well done all around. The Watanabes are a prefect fit too.













A couple of impressive Toyota Supra MKIV builds







Style Over Comfort booth with a line up of some of Southern California’s most well know cars





Mastermind’s Odyvia is something I never really tire of seeing.










Veilside kitted NSX






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