Eibach All-Honda Meet 2012 at Irwindale

Words by Matt Willis

I consider myself a Honda guy, but I don’t really consider myself part of the scene. I own a conservatively modded 1993 Civic, and a completely stock 2001 Integra. I enjoy working on them, taking care of them, and learning more about them. But outside of a small group of enthusiasts and close friends, I don’t really share anything about my cars; quite frankly, I don’t really care about the recognition or any of that.

I just don’t know how I feel about all of it. Each and every day I see more awful cars, some in what could be called potentially hazardous condition, roaming around the streets. They’re all modded just to fit in with the next guy. And then you get the guy that will you roll up next to on the freeway wanting to race because you have a Honda, and so does he. I guess it’s no different than how it has always been. I haven’t been on this earth that long. But still…part of me says the scene is going to shit; and then events like this come around and remind me that there are a few gems in the mine…

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by the headache-inducing sound of gutted catalytic converters and various “crews” banding together causing the entrance to back up. Irwindale Speedway was the venue, and it was different. I felt sort of sad that it wasn’t at the Eibach facility, but I did agree: a bigger venue was definitely needed. As with any first time venues (or events, for that matter), the organization can be a bit convoluted. After reading the comments from Joey over at The Chronicles, who worked most of the event, I truly understand the nightmare that must have gone down. Just like old Eibach, everybody got there six hours before the event actually starts, people bitched about not being on the registered list and/or not having money, and those car crews where everybody has to roll-in a certain way and they’re all shifting around while in line. I don’t get any of that, to be honest. Then again I wasn’t showing (and have nothing to show), so that may be part of it.

Anyways, we sat in line at the stoplight for a good 20 minutes watching people get out of their cars, meet up with their buds and cross through lines before we got moving into the event. I will say it was rather confusing as to where you could park and not park. I liked Autocon last year at El Toro – the spectator parking was separate, then you pay at the gate and walk into an enclosed area. This was more like, everybody paid from your car and had to drive into the same lot. Which I get, because Eibach is a meet and Autocon is more of a show. But even so, you want to keep the spectator cars separate from those that actually want to show. But what we ended up doing was parking in a second lot to the right of the entrance, where there were other people parked but apparently it wasn’t OK to park there and walk in. It was a problem because there were people (including us) walking in for free, while others were paying, which isn’t cool at all. A couple hours later, though, I was told go fetch my car and wait through the rest of the lengthy line to get in. I paid the parking/event fee and thankfully got spot right outside the show.

In any case, once we got in, the quality of the cars was great and there were a substantial amount of people. I couldn’t imagine that many people at the Eibach facility. Good thing they made the change.

There were several very nice builds. In all honesty, between having to go back and move my car and rushing through everything to get to our next event (Extreme Autofest), I don’t remember all of them; and in fact there are probably a few that got missed. But these were our favorites…


Here was about a quarter of the line to get in. Behind that, it goes across the entrance from the street and loops through the second lot. I took this after I had parked back the other way.

Immediately greeting us at the entrance was Salem’s TSX. This car is a continued inspiration for me; I love the simplicity of it. No bullshit here.



This Spooned EG has been around for a while. It has a very refined engine bay and unique yellow interior fabric, which was a rare option on the Japanese models.



Love the jet black-coated valve cover and S2 hardware.

One thing I noticed quite a bit was the “Skunk2 Certified” badge on several cars. I guess if you rock a lot of Skunk2 equipment and have proof, they make you “Certified”. Again, one of the things in the scene that I don’t quite understand. But it is an interesting concept.


Another beautiful hatch…




Small-scale RC Type R…

Whitfield Racing drag Rex…


Love the charcoal color on this hatch.




Mint DB8…

Our buddy Peng has been making progress on his build. Love the texture on the engine bay paint and the etch work on the valve cover. More to come on this…


Not a fan of the wheels, but the coating on the headlights caught my eye.



White, black and red. A perfect combination.

Saw a lot of these. Yet another production of the Honda scene that I don’t get.

Oh boy…

It’s not a Honda, but it caught my eye from across the lot. I’m reveling over the F30 chassis right now. I absolutely love the new body style.

Clean and simple Integra. I suppose this is what I would want mine to look like if I started to modify it.

This car was simply stunning. This was definitely in my top 3.



Spoon steering wheel and EG9 SiR cluster.


Beautiful SW388 wheels wrapped in Yokohama S-Drive tires and stopped by Spoon brake calipers.

Love this CB7. Nice to see conservatively fitted TE-37s for once, haha.

More Spoon…


I liked the fenders on this S2000…


I’ve been seeing this candy-red hatch for a while. It still looks great. The headlight/bumper could use an alignment.



Very clean DB.

Saw this CR-Z on my way home today.

I almost passed this Mugen/Spoon fusion bay.


This Captiva Blue EG also made my top three. It’s so timeless. If I built another Civic, it would pretty much look like this.

Tim and I both loved this DC2. Also quite timeless.

The picture doesn’t quite show it, but the valve cover is actually a metallic gray textured finish (not black). I thought that was very unique. Also note the OHLINS engine damper, Spoon radiator hoses and die-cut strut tower bar…whew…

The interior was just as spectacular. Full R trim, fabric and seats, Spoon steering wheel and shift knob, what appears to be the rare HOP ITR floor mats.

And the pièce de résistance, a Spoon gauge cluster. True Honda heads know how much those go for…and how often you can find them…

Some more stellar bays…


2-door and 4-door…



Tim got this while I was moving the car. Excellent conversion…

The Loi Spec guys had their fleet out. These are hardcore track cars that show just as well…


Some early-era Honda technology…

NSX bay…

All I can do is sigh. I suppose it’s funny more than anything. I love the fixed shutters in the back window…haha…

One of those things where the photo does not do this car justice. The paint job was immaculate. I believe it is the same semi-metallic yellow used on the AP2 S2000s, but I could be wrong (might be a touch darker – more gold). I think it contrasts beautifully with the bronze Mugen MF-10s.

Basic, but still looks great.

S2000 with AMUSE kit…flawless!

…and J’s Racing wing, too.

Another slick S…


I’ve seen it done before, but I still enjoy the digicam wrap concept.

More EP3s that I previously saw at the Motion show…


Race-prepped EG from Eibach Springs…

Jerry Built EG dragster…





Big Mike’s bay…

Ryan Bassieri’s (Mr. Rywire) CRX.

This NSX was brilliant. It looks a bit tacky at first, but this thing is pretty much race ready.

Sportcar Motion ITR…

Good god!

Another beautiful bay; this one featuring a Kinsler manifold which I’ve never seen before…

I remember this bay from the itsJDMyo! 1-year Anniversary a while back.


Very nice 1st gen CRX…


Nice EK on Regamasters…

The car that everyone was talking about was brought out by Hasport. It features a supercharged Ridgeline V6 engine; and the owners are talking about adding a turbo system next. Though it may seem like a spectacle now, I overheard the owners saying it wouldn’t be long before you might see it on the drag circuit.

Obviously, it still needs to be plumbed and wired.



Lastly, a shot of this S2000 on Mugen MF-10s.

That’s a wrap. I know there were many more worthy cars, but we just sorted through the cream of the crop in the interest of time.

Thanks for the read!


2 responses to “Eibach All-Honda Meet 2012 at Irwindale”

  1. salemxphaze2 Avatar

    Thanks for the snaps of my car. Glad you like the car and can appreciate it for what it is. Great photo’s of the entire event. I swear I never even saw any of these cars at the event. Keep up the good work.

  2. Toriano Thomas Avatar

    Thanks for posting my car. It’s the DC2 right under the BMW. Can’t believe I just saw this! lol

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