KINOD x Club Lexus meet

Words by Tim Wong


KINOD is a Miata dominated meet in Industry, but due to the cold weather lately, they have moved their meet to the underground parking structure. Club Lexus has also decide to have their meets there so there’s a nice mix of cars to see. This is a weekly meet that occurs on Friday nights around 9:30, but most people show up fashionable late.



Aside from the missing front bumper cover, I found this Miata to be quite unique. It is a rare sight to see the stock aluminum hood stripped down to the metal and cleared. The meaty tires on the Work Equips look brand new too.



A lovely set of old school Work Equips, but I don’t think it works all that well with a Miata since the bodylines are more modern and curvy.


Love the vanity plate. Clever and epically awesome simultaneously.






Prefect color combination with this red Lexus SC300 with gold Advan TCIIs.






















Absolutely love this Lexus IS350. The popping red really stands out amongst a crowd of black, white, and silver VIP cars.





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