BPVIP Cars and Coffee

Words by Tim Wong

This was my second time attending a BPVIP meet and this time there wasn’t actually coffee because they changed the location to a nearby shopping center. These meets usually consist of VIP cars due the fact that it is a BP “VIP” meet. It’s a nice crowd of guys that don’t have any of the showboating nonsense I see way too much of these days.








Seriously pushing out the negative camber. It certainly over tops my taste for camber even for a VIP car.



A miniature chandelier dome light. I found it as a cute touch with the theme, but I would find it annoying having it hover next to my head and having it block my view of the rear window along with possibly the shoulder view.




James Oliver’s Prelude sitting clean as ever. It just works so well with the Work Equips.




Another car with super negative camber. The subtle spoiler on this Lexus GS300 is something I don’t see very often.


I recently picked up a wireless transmitter for my Canon Speedlite and decided to play with the setup for a bit to see how well it worked. Currently, I’m having mixed opinions on it, but I will test them out some more. This shot was shot with two Canon Speedlites with one on each face of the car. Some issues with the triggering occur so strobes are still my more reliable light sources.

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